Fate Apocrypha Rider Astolfo Figure by Taito

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Fate Apocrypha Rider Astolfo Figure by Taito. Approximately about 7" tall.

Astolfo is a former servant turned into a human by his last masters wish in the anime series Fate Grand Order. Sometimes refereed to as a trap by many a fans since he looks so much like a girl in the series and you don't realize that he's a male until late. He purposely dresses as a girl because he says he likes cute things.

He is a former rider of black from the holy grail war. Astolfo is said to be very handsome, eternally optimistic and lacking in sense.

Rider of "black" is the rider class servant of celenike icecolle yggdmillennia of the black faction in the great Holy Grail war of Fate/Apocrypha. After the death of celenike, he forms a contract with Sieg.