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PRE ORDER Hand scale Hatsune Miku. Condition is New.

Product Description:
・The kit includes two pre-printed face parts: looking left, singing. 
・The face parts are pre-painted for easy assembly with no paint required.
・A microphone and microphone stand is included.
・This miniature model uses the data from Frame Music Girl Hatsune Miku, maintaining a high level of detail and accuracy even at a smaller scale!
・Despite its small stature of 75mm, the model boasts 32 points of articulation.
・The knee joints are double-jointed, improving flexibility.
・The hip joint uses a pop-out joint.
・A variety of eye decals are included.
・The kit comes with two unprinted face parts for use with the included decals.
・In addition to one type of closed and two types of open hand parts, the kit also includes a slightly larger holding hand and microphone-holding hand.
・Mini Flying Base is included."



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