Pokemon All Star Collection PP63 Entei Plush, 8"

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Entei is a massive, leonine quadruped with some mastiff qualities. It is covered in brown fur and a long, light gray cloud of smoke for a mane running along its entire back. It has gray plates on either side of the mane and a plate beneath the cream belly fur on its chest. Entei has gray paws with brown pads and black cuff-like bands on its legs. Its main faceplate is red and shaped like fins or a six-sided star. A gray plate, resembling a horseshoe mustache, covers its muzzle. It also has a yellow crest with three sloped points on its forehead and red eyes. As a whole, Entei's head appears to resemble a kabuto.

Company: Sanei
Type: Plush
Approx. Size: 4"L x 7"W x 8"H