Pokemon Plush Official Licensed Gengar

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Gengar plush from the I Love Gengar series. Approximately about 9” tall and 11” wide. 
Gengar is a ghost/ poison type Pokemon from Gen 1. Gengar is a purple in color with two large pointed ears and short spikes lining its body. 

Gengar is a dual type Pokemon Ghost/Poison. It evolves from Haunter when you trade it and it is the final form of Gastly. Gengar is dark purple with a roundish body, it has red eyes and a big smile like the joker which makes him look kinda spooky. Gengar loves hiding in the shadows and playing practical jokes and casting curses,  one joke it likes to play is to hide in someones shadow and act like it is that person's shadow then revealing its face and scaring them they find it hilarious.