Psyduck Pokémon Kigurumi

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We understand that you are looking for a Pokémon onesie that will make you feel like a total leader in the world of comfort.  That’s why this one of a kind, fun, and realistic Psyduck style is going to grab your attention.  While its characteristics and features are certainly fun to admire as a Pokémon lover, you’ll love equally — if not more-so — the focus on comfort that you’ll find in this Kigurumi onesie.

Every inch of this style screams comfort.  You’ll get strong elastic in the four cuffs of this onesie to keep the slouched legs and arms from pooling over your feet and hands as you move around.  The hood is extra deep to give you lots of room to hide your hair or your bedhead and imitate Psyduck with realistic results while you’re at it.  Deliberately oversized to be roomy and great for lounging, this onesie made from top quality fleece for extra creature comforts.  Lastly, the pockets are perfectly sized for your essentials and are the final detail you will need and love about this onesie.


  • Made from 100% Polyester Fleece
  • Impressive realism to Psyduck is great for themed movie nights or costume parties
  • Oversized and great for loungewear or as pajamas when comfort is priority
  • Has pockets for storage and convenience